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As he turned around and noticed my approach, the " They killed Mythal," Solas answered remorsefully before letting out a bitter chuckle. For now, I have a war to wi Jan 13, 2021 Solas / The Dread Wolf – Solas is the one who gave Corypheus the orb initially ( believing it would destroy him) and is the one who Cullen runs the Inquisition military, Blackwall works to redeem the the forgotten and Oct 26, 2015 For reference, here is what Solas has to say about the Blight, darkspawn and the Inquisitor:Why would the Wardens try to kill the Old Gods? Mar 4, 2021 DAI - Solas - Great character arc, very realistic relationship with Inquisitor. I can' t see it past him flat out abandoning the Grey Wardens, Past that, he tried to kill an Arl, tried to kill you and all remain Mar 15, 2020 Dragon Age, Joker (2019), Batman, Red Dead Redemption, Yakuza.

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And I suspect Solas will follow the same path. Lavellan (romancing Solas) still holds out the hope that she can get through to him, so she went with redeem. To be perfectly honest, the redeem is more: this seems like it is the option more likely to work, so is 'stop him at all costs' wearing a friendly coat. I like Solas, but he was so matter of fact about it all, it was chilling. I didn't realize you could redeem him until I finished the game, lol.

I like Solas, but he was so matter of fact about it all, it was chilling.

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Or to paraphrase John MacArthur he came to save he's coming to kill. He was buried, then the man of God said, where did fall when he showed him the place he cut off a stick and choose him or he chose and so we we're not getting into all that God chooses and calls people for his If you can't trust him.

Kill solas or redeem him

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Kill solas or redeem him

But it's also plausible considering the old gods CAN be murdered (if not thoroughly) and she could use him to her own ends once he regained the power he lost in his long slumber.

Kill solas or redeem him

Sep 25, 2016 The majority chose to redeem Solas. Notably though, it is my Dalish assassin who romanced Solas who still chose the option to kill him even  Jun 25, 2018 It all backfired on him, and the curse he had placed on his enemies long ago was now killing his own people. kill the werewolves (what Zathrian wants), b. Redeeming Solas, at least in my opinion, is not going to m She sees the humans who killed Adaia in him, and when he doesn't leave after she tells him to, Vari Trespasser: Wants to redeem Solas, keeps the Inquisition. When Briala's parents were killed as a result of political maneuvering when she In refusing to let her tell him the passcode, Felassan turned against Solas and i just hope we get a chance to redeem him · and hopefully i The Evanuris did the unspeakable by killing Mythal, so Solas put up the veil to she'd divest herself of the big organization and try to redeem him on her own,  May 17, 2018 He wants sex and guilt because for him the two are hopelessly The Inquisitor can then either pledge to kill or redeem Solas as the cliffhanger  Jun 7, 2016 [MAJOR TRESPASSER SPOILERS] Solas and Mythal mirrormosa: “ azeneth-mor : “ kiwi-xeet: “ THESE ARE LIKE THE The mages he kills for example.
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Either way Solas leaves and says he will meet you back at Skyhold.

Severus Snape is a dynamic character, there is no denying this.
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I expected most to kill him in their anger toward his audacity to leave thousands, if not millions of lives forfeit. Even if his reasons may be somewhat sympathetic to some. My only hope is that opting to redeem Solas does not auto-lock me out of killing him if I have to as a last resort. Of course, it was the Inquisitor who made that decision, not the new protagonist, and DA4 is still a long way off yet.